Family Support Program

Family Support Workers assist families who are in need of more intensive support in maintaining a healthy and positive environment for their children. Family Support Workers are connected to families either through referrals by the Ministry of Children and Family Development, Usma or by self-referrals. Workers provide support, parenting strategies and information to families and individuals in-office, in the community and within the family’s home.

Family Support Workers focus on strengthening and supporting families by:

  • Supporting families in understanding and navigating child protection concerns and the family court process
  • Supporting and advocating for families as appropriate with social workers, lawyers, landlords, schools, healthcare professionals and others in the community
  • Assisting families in accessing financial and food security supports such as the food bank, the Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul and the Ministry of Social Development & Poverty Reduction
  • Assist in accessing individualized counseling supports for substance use concerns, relapse prevention, historical trauma, domestic violence and self-empowerment
  • Support families with identifying and accessing resources (family planning, legal services, counseling, adequate housing, health care, food security, financial planning)
  • Assistance in finding suitable housing and tenancy issues

All services and supports are open to all community on a self or agency referred basis. For more information or referrals, please contact Jackie Wells, Family and Health Services Team Leader at 250-723-8281 ext 224 or email at: [email protected]

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