Cyndi Stevens Executive Director [email protected]
Carol Maltais Assistant Executive Director [email protected]
Roxanne Taylor Reception/Administrative Assistant/Maintenance [email protected]
Debbie Seiler Program Assistant [email protected]

Family & Health & Support Services

Jackie Wells Family & Health Services Manager [email protected]
Brendon Gibson Mental Health & Addictions Counselor [email protected]
Darlene Leonew Brighter Futures Coordinator/Elder & Cultural Support [email protected]
Selean Kitchen Family Support Worker [email protected]
Amber Flaro ASI Early Years Coordinator [email protected]
Antonia Peters Early Childhood Development Outreach Liaison Worker [email protected]
Christine Milligan HCPP In-reach Worker [email protected]
Mikyla Beal Family Support Worker [email protected]
Chantal Lalonde ASI Support
Leanne Grant Early Childhood Development Outreach Liaison Worker [email protected]

COVID Support Team

Darlene Leonew COVID Homeless Support [email protected]
Selean Kitchen COVID Homeless Support [email protected]
Winnie Spencer COVID Food Services
Helen Smith COVID Food Services
Cole Stevens Emergency Support Services [email protected]

Legal Advocacy Program

Trudy Wale Family Law Advocate [email protected]
Steve Muise Outreach Legal Advocate [email protected]

Employment & Training Programs

Carol Maltais Employment & Training Program Coordinator [email protected]
Michelle Hnennyj Training Advocate & Support [email protected]
George Frank Elder Support

Youth & Elders Programs

Chantal Lalonde Youth Program Coordinator [email protected]
Coby Felsman Youth Program Support
Darlene Leonew Elders Program Coordinator [email protected]
Cole Stevens Facilities Supervisor [email protected]

Childcare Center

Shelby Mellaart Infant/Toddler Educator & Childcare Centre Manager [email protected]
Amie Bryant Early Childhood Educator & Childcare Centre Assistant Manager
Tracy Peter Infant & Toddler Educator & Special Needs
Alanda Atleo Infant & Toddler Educator Childhood Educator
Iris Batsch Early Childhood Educator Assistant [email protected]
Ryan George ECE Assistant/Language Assistant
Alexea Haberland Infant Toddler/Early Childhood Educator
Julia lucas Language Nest Elder/Speaker & Steps to Success Elder
Patty Frank Language Nest Speaker & Elder
Cole Stevens Childcare Centre - Driver & Facilities Supervisor
Brittany Groeneveld-Lainson ECE Assistant - Out of School Care
Pawanpreet Kaur Early Childhood Educator
Diane Metuq Elder