Youth Program

Youth Program

The Primary Goal of the Youth Program

The primary goal of the Youth Program is to provide supportive culturally sensitive economic, social, educational and recreational programs and services for Youth ages 12 to 24 which enhance their opportunities.

Mission Statement 

The Port Alberni Friendship Center is dedicated to provide a welcoming gathering place, to respect and strengthen Aboriginal and other community/cultural traditions. We are committed to enhance healthy lifestyles of individuals, families and community. We are committed to ensure programs, services and activities are culturally sensitive, flexible, promote independence and are responsive to community needs.

We offer these services with compassion and integrity.

What services are available to you?

  • This program has been created to provide a warm and caring environment for children and youth to express themselves.
  • We provide services to children and youth who are in need of support, advocacy.
  • We connect youth with various resources in the community.
  • We provide support in education and peer support.
  • We liaise with schools, bands, NTC, Child & Youth Committee, Public Health, NETP, VAST, Family Guidance, Court Services and other referral resources.

Who can use these services?

The services provided by the Youth program and the Port Alberni Friendship Center are available to any child or youth. These programs are available in person or by phone. Youth is considered up to age 24. 

  • When you need someone to listen to you.
  • When you would like some help finding information on issues such as; stress, relationships or other issues.
  • When you need support.
  • When you need someone to be with.
  • When you are feeling overwhelmed and need someone to talk to.

Youth Team

Shan Ross- Program Director
Darlene Leonew - Youth Advocate & Employment Services

Celestine Andrew - Youth Enhancement Worker


Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30pm; Thursdays, 7pm to 9pm and Fridays, 7pm to11pm

Funding provided by

BC Gaming, Donations, Fundraising and Volunteers